Coloring for kids. Handmade and DIY

Coloring for kids. Handmade and DIY

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Would you like to be a creative designer? You can try it in our DIY game! This is a premium coloring game for girls where we will decorate mobile phones. But it is not an ordinary kids coloring game, where a player paints at the blank sheet of paper or fill patterns with paint. The profession of a creative designer, who creates a unique hand made, requires full disclosure of creativity, vivid imagination and various experiments. Our coloring games for kids and adults will make everybody happy! New DIY game invites you to the world of art!

But it is not so easy to create a stylish and fashion mobile phone case. When a player creates handmade masterpiece, it is no use just to put bright stickers on the phone. It could not even help to use diamonds. Together with Hippo we will learn to choose correct colors and use decorations so that every girl likes this mobile phone case. There are different interesting and exciting tools, such as various colorful stickers, polish, sparkles and spray paints with different colors at our coloring game. Player can also choose unusual shapes of pattern. The case for mobile phone can have wings, ears or even a crown. At our game players can do whatever they like, and paint whatever and whenever. You can decorate the case for a mobile phone with diamonds and as well with funny stickers for kids. Player will have a lot of possibilities to use vivid imagination!

Kids drawing games are at a new level! Every girl who likes art and painting will like our new DIY game. Play, develop your imagination and have fun with Hippo at a new kids game.

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