Solitaire Arcana-Tripeaks game

Solitaire Arcana-Tripeaks game

نسخهٔ 1.5.40
Install <10
دسته‌بندی Education
حجم 178 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 June 12
Solitaire Arcana-Tripeaks game

Solitaire Arcana-Tripeaks game

HeroCraft Ltd.
نسخهٔ 1.5.40
Install <10
دسته‌بندی Education
حجم 178 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 June 12
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Put your worries aside, pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea, and immerse yourself in the enchanting life of a tarot cartomancer! Under the stern gaze of your wise mentor, you'll open your own business in the city, and solve a few mysteries along the way!
Unique story situations and card puzzles, tarot tests, solitaire games and intimate conversations with diverse characters are waiting for you! Play Solitaire Arcana every day to gain new tarot knowledge and exciting rewards.

Game Features:

♦️ Run a tarot salon and meet clients
♣️ Read fortunes for different clients and influence their destinies
♥️ Improve the reputation of the salon and decorate its interior
♠️ Relax with a leisurely game of tri peaks solitaire
♦️ Study the meaning of tarot cards and test your knowledge by taking quizzes
♣️ Beat 500+ colorful levels of this solitaire game
♥️ Travel to the picturesque worlds of tarot cards, full of mysterious ambience and captivating music
♠️ Get free rewards and bonuses for playing slots every hour!

The Fool tarot card is the zero arcana, and the beginning of a journey. Start your card puzzle adventure into the world of tarot cards today - from the comfort of your own home! Wise mentor Beatrix, a hereditary fortune teller who loves tea parties and gambling, will be your guide. She will teach you both the simple and the deep aspects of the tarot - the major arcana, the minor arcana, love and daily spreads, as well as the best divinations and predictions!

Playing the Solitaire Arcana mobile game is not only easy but also very enjoyable: by solving solitaire levels, you gather concentration for more accurate divinations.
In each Solitaire Arcana card puzzle, your goal is to remove all cards from the playing field, picking the ones that follow an ascending or descending sequence to the card in your hand, just like in classic solitaire tripeaks.
If there are no valid cards on the field, you put the next card from the deck in your hand.
The cards on the playing field form intricate shapes and layered patterns, and you can only interact with the cards at the top layer of a stack.
You can make combos by removing several cards in a row without using your deck to earn a Wild Card bonus - a universal gold card. It can be used at any time to remove any card from the field.

If you like classic card puzzle games such as solitaire, spider solitaire games, klondike, freecell solitaire, pyramid solitaire, and classic solitaire tripeaks, as well as casual games of skill such as poker, mahjong and durak, Solitaire Arcana is sure to become a favorite!
Play free tri-peak solitaire every day, and forget about boredom and everyday worries!
Train your mind and become a tarot arcana expert in this offline solitaire puzzle adventure!

Experience aesthetic and original tarot cards, beautiful graphics, enchanting music and an interesting story! Embrace the serene atmosphere of classic solitaire card games, and learn how to read tarot at the same time!

Solitaire Arcana is a mobile card puzzle adventure you've been looking for!

Internet connection is NOT required: you can play our offline solitaire games whenever and wherever you want!

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