Sounds of Nature

Sounds of Nature

نسخه ۱.۵
نصب فعال

This app is both fun and instructive.
Very fun application with Quiz and Audio listening modes ..
You will have a lot of fun with pets and Woo animal sounds.
You will also learn the animals and their voices while having fun.
Don't forget to learn while listening.
The animal sounds contained within the application: tiger sound, frog sound, cat sound, chicken sound, chick sound, monkey sound, pork sound, sheep sound, cow sound, elephant sound, horse sound, dog sound and lion sound.

Land vehicles, watercraft, air transport, horn and siren sounds of emergency vehicles.
Vehicles and sounds contained within the application: siren sound of police car, siren sound of ambulance,
fire truck siren sound, rocket sound, aircraft sound, helicopter sound, train sound and train horn, car horn sound, motorbike sound, bike horn sound, steamer siren sound and bus horn sound.
You can then enhance the sounds you are listening to in quiz mode.
* Easy to use and simple interface.
* Theme Color change color options (green, yellow, purple, red and blue).
* Two modes (listening and quiz mode).
* Works on all phone and tablet screen sizes.
* Free.
* Works without an internet.
* Low memory size.

Have fun.

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