Bella back to school - girl school simulation game

Bella back to school - girl school simulation game

نسخه ۱.۱(۲)
نصب فعال

Bella is going to school today. It's the first day of school. Bella is very happy because she is going to start her school life. Today, Bella will go to the campus for the first time. The first time of meeting new teachers, classmate & friends. And it's also the first time she separated from her parents. Woo, how great the school days are. Bella is feeling very excited!

Early in the morning, the alarm was ringed. Bella weak up. Bella thought she will going to school later, She felt she's really grown up. Then Bella saw her bedroom is a mess. Bella thought she should clean up her room before she go to school. She clean up the rubbish and putting the toys, books and clothes to the original place and finally tidy up her school bag. The bedroom becomes very clean & clear.

With the joyful mood, Bella go to the bathroom and started brushing her teeth and wash face as usual. Bella know that she will meeting a lot of new people today and she want to leave a good first impression to the others. So, Bella tried to grooming herself in the best status.

After that Bella goes to the kitchen, she decided to make a sandwich for her breakfast. She baked the bread, cooking the eggs and bacon, cut the tomatos and vegetables. Lastly, Bella flod them together with some sweet sauce. How delicious! "It's even better taste than those selling in the burger shop." Bella said.

Oh, the school bus is coming soon, Bella goes back to her bedroom to change clothes after breakfast. She put on the shirt and skirt, tie up the bow and combed her hair. Then she standing in front of the mirror. Oh, Bella looks really elegant and beautiful. Let's take a photo.

Finally, everything are ready, Bella take the school bag and go to school by school bus!

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