Cop Car Police Chase Driving

Cop Car Police Chase Driving

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Join the police squadron in cop car driving intense police chases; taking back the criminal filled streets with your expert fast police car driving skills! Join in with police pursuits throughout the city and take your car offroad in the rocky mountains with the goal of catching criminals at all costs!

Cop Car Police Chase Driving is one of the latest insanely fun free police driving games!

Cop car driving has never been this fun! Explore the huge city or do some offroad driving in your offroad police SUV. With unlimited replay-ability you can keep coming back for new adventures in your quest to take down criminals!

In this police car driving game you can unlock new cop cars as rewards for exploring the city. Unlock tons of new vehicles from fast police cars to tough offroad police cars! Turn on your police sirens and chase down criminals with your police cruiser, don't let them get away at all costs!

- Unlock multiple new police cars to drive
- Destructible environment
- Intelligent traffic driving throughout the city
- High quality graphics
- Full controller and android TV support
- Fun to play over and over with great replay-ability
- Realistic vehicle soft-body damage system
- Multiple realistic police sirens

Experience a realistic police driving simulation. Put yourself into the drivers seat of a realistic police car and take the law into your own hands! You are the law, don't feel like obeying the rules of the road? Well crash into and smash up other cars for fun instead! Or maybe you'd rather perform crazy high speed vehicle stunts and jumps in your cop car!

The huge city is filled with destructible objects for causing chaos which you can smash into at high speeds to destroy!

Play from multiple camera angles with third person and first person police driving or try out the cinematic camera for creating your own police action scenes!

Download Cop Car Police Chase Driving now and play now for free! This massive open world police driving simulator is waiting for a skilled police officer like you!

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