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Applock is a completely free application, providing you with an ecosystem of utilities to maximize the security for apps on your phone, as well as secure the videos, images, audio files, text, etc. on your phone.

With Applock you can lock such apps as social networks, banking apps, gallery, shopping from unauthorized intrusions. Applock - Private file lock provides you with a security system of graphics, numeric keypad or secure biometrics.

Applock lets you add your apps into a group and lock that group. It can, besides, activate group lock time and the date you want to lock.

All info or photo files, video files, audio files will be added to the privacy of the app, only you can view by Applock.

With the thief capture function, Applock also helps you to capture to see the face of people trying to access your device or accessing your photos, messages when you've locked them

With Applock you can:
- >> Have a peace of mind, no need to worry when your friends or relatives borrow your phone to play games, or read news.
- >> Freely let your baby to use your phone to watch youtube without adult permission.
- >> Don’t have to pay attention to your colleagues, or surrouding people looking at your phone.
- >> Be relax that no one can read personal data in your apps!
- >> Have a peace of mind, no one can borrow your phone to change settings, or order something online.
- >> Rest assured that your private photos, videos, and data will be completely kept confidential.
Applock can lock all Android apps:
- >> Social networking apps: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, Snapchat, Wechat, Skype, etc.
- >> System apps: Contacts, SMS messages, Photo, video, audio gallery, document files, Email.
- >> Financial apps: banking app, mobile banking app, Paypal, Napal, Samsung pay, Android pay, Ecommerce Pay.
- >> Create locks according to groups of apps you want to lock at the same time, lock multiple groups of apps at a same time or you can lock each application group at a time.
- >> AppLock provides stunning lock patterns, unique cartoon lock wallpapers and if your phone supports fingerprint security, you can apply to use it quickly.
Once you locked, no one will be able to access your gallery folders to view your images, sounds, videos, or files.
- Recover password by entering the recovery email added at the first use, absolutely secure.
- The app is protected by password or pattern security with tons of beautiful lock patterns and styles
- Lock photo gallery
- Lock video gallery
- Private file lock, only viewable by Applock
- Lock groups of apps
- Lock apps by time
- Settings lock
- Chplay App Store lock
- Easy to change lock pattern, lock style or drawing
- Take a photo of the thief
- Prevent unauthorized application uninstallation
- Ask for a newly installed Applock
- No effect on device’s speed, little memory usage

Let's download and experience Applock to discover great security features. Your phone will be max protected from outside attacks.
We hope you will have great experience with Applock. Please rate us with 5 stars and leave a positive review on Google Play store. If you find any technical problems using the app please email or give us a comment on this issue.

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