Risapp - live & short videos & funny memes

Risapp - live & short videos & funny memes

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Risapp is a short video platform and video community that allows you to download WhatsApp status, memes and download amazing videos.
You can download all kinds of comedy, music, game videos, fashion status, memes, stickers, live video and share videos directly in your WhatsApp status, instagram status.
A world-leading short video editing tool for special effects
With thousands of video categories, memes, stickers to help you relax your life.

■ Risapp is a community of video, funny, short, videos, funny memes, stickers, Lives like steaming game live live.

■ Browse video
Video Community, meme, stickers, status video, live videos, game video.
Discover trending videos - explore clips or short videos that soon capture your scent, amuse and inspire you. Be part of the conversation, see how you and your friends will always have something to talk about.
Have fun and get inspired by a global community of short, funny, fun videos, memes, creators. Millions of short creative videos are not just tok tok but Risapp showing off their amazing talents. Let yourself be entertained, let yourself be inspired. Make your day!

■ Live live
Do you sing Dance? Do you have any hidden talents? Show your talents.
Get followers, earn fans, receive gifts, earn money and become an idol for many.
View Live Live We have an active community and millions of talented dancers, singers, foodies, comedians and more. Your favorite moment is here.

■ Start Create Videos & Live
Create a group video live or a live live room.
To meet new people, make kawi, tick tock friends or meet new people?
Risapp Live can pair you with many friends around you or with people from all over the world.
Check out our video filters and our unique stickers! We have tick tock
cool filters like tick tock to choose from.

■ Use more than 100 WhatsApp stickers, memes, ifunny emojis gifs, free to take your shorts, fun videos to the next level. Watch parts of tv, like, kawaii, live TV, pluto, pluto tv, free movie. Discover funny memes, funny stickers and funny short video. Not only in kawii, kawi but in risapp you can enjoy the short videos musically and fun, but you can also watch kawaii live live, memes and the short short videos of dance, comedy, vlog, beauty, makeup, fashion, sports, kawaii animals and much more.

We have high quality original authors of kawaii, kwai, lasso, tiktok and other platforms. At risapp you can find shorts, fun useful life videos and much more you like content. With the smart recommendation technology of the advanced level worldwide, Risapp guarantees that you will quickly find the content you like such as memes, stickers, ifunny videos, shorts, whatsapp status videos, facebook status short videos that you like.

■ Share and shine your talent with everyone, Share your funny short videos, short status videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and tiktok directly with one click and we help you to be an influencer.

At the same time, we encourage the original funny kawaii video authors from tiktok, tick tock and youtube creators to come to our glittering platform.

By creating a short list, fun videos, short video exclusively for you, we assure you that everything you see is Ifunny videos that U like!

*Do you have any doubt or suggestion? Contact us at help@golemon123.com
or send us a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube messenger @risapp.

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