Binoculars Simulator ( zoom in binocular )

Binoculars Simulator ( zoom in binocular )

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We are presnting this real telescopic binoculars app for free. This super zoom binocular app will help you to zoom in or out while seeing through the binoculars lens glass. This zooming app use the built in zoom of your camera and it zooms to the extent supported by your phone camera.

It’s a handy zoom in and zoom out app with the zoom in and out buttons on the lens screen. After getting this best binoculars app your phone will be like the binocular or telescope depending on the lens screen you have selected. This datascope app uses your built in camera zoom to magnify the object. Binoculars simulation is the use of correct zoom in and zoom out buttons to clarify your object. Binoculars are of many types including the fieldglass, camescope and scopes as well.

It is easy to see the far away image with the help of zoomer. Binoculars zoom enables the camera zoomer in this digital binoculars app. Binoculars vision uses the digital binoculars for the clear image of the far objects. While zoomed in you can capture the object while staying in this cameraapp. Enjoy the zoom effect with simple design of zoom app.

App Features:

Mega Zoom App
Front Camera Support
Flash Light Support
Easy to Use
Optical camera zoom
Separate Button for Falshlight

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