Ava's Kitty Pet Daycare : Kitty Games Activities 2

Ava's Kitty Pet Daycare : Kitty Games Activities 2

نسخه ۱.۱.۷
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I hope you guys have enjoyed the first part of My Cute Ava's Kitty Day Care Activities & Fun game. You had lots of fun with the kitty in her home. But now, it's time to explore the outside activities in this cute sweet kitty daycare game.

Key Features :

- Perform various farming activities in the farm
- Pot planting of tomatoes and sunflowers
- Enjoy numerous ear-pleasing rhymes with kitty
- Learn by tracing alphabets and numbers
- Have entertainment with kitty in the park
- Enjoy rides and make a beautiful sand castle
- Take down the mangoes by throwing stones on them
- Shoot apples flying in the air
- Find the list of insects in the garden
- Catch the falling apples from the tree
- Join the small letter with capital letters

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