Uphill Cargo Pickup Truck Driving Simulator 2017

Uphill Cargo Pickup Truck Driving Simulator 2017

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Do you love driving pickup truck and trailer games on highway and off road tracks? If yes this pickup truck simulator game is for you. Become a real truck driver hero by playing this 4x4 truck driving simulator game of 2017. Pick up the different cargo from checkpoints and deliver it to the hill areas. While driving as a duty trucker driver be careful on bumpy roads. Drive the distribution truck fast before you ran out of time on off road tracks. While climbing hill with loaded cargo trucks you have to take sharp turns slowly with great precision. On some dangerous tracks it seems impossible driving with pickup Toyota truck on city highway roads.

It’s time to get behind the wheel of pickup trucks that are heavy duty serious vehicles. Become a best truck driver in this exciting new pickup truck simulation game. Drive in your cargo car and deliver orders to your destination as a responsible cargo transporter. It requires professional trucker skills to handle this lorry driving. Test your mountain driving skills with offroad cargo pickup truck and explore natural hill tracks. It takes a real transporter to drive on steep paths and curvy roads with luxury goods. Drive your cargo car with extreme precision so that the cargo could not get damaged or fall down. Dare to be the legend driver on Offroad rough terrain, hills, forests, mountains, extreme bumpy roads.

This transporter job is an ultimate cargo car driving challenge that proves you are a pro trucker. You can challenge yourself for various pro missions of this simulation 4x4 offroad jeep driving game 2017. Use the powerful engines of the 4x4 SUV and offroad monster 4wd hilux simulation vehicles to run the vehicle and drift on highway. A free 4x4 Hilux rover game also give you a challenge to simulate your transporting experience on a city road, mountains and hilly tracks.

Features of Uphill Cargo Pickup Truck Driving Simulator 2017:
- Thrilling Mountain truck driving transport missions on dangerous tracks
- Pick & Drop to Transport woods, barrels, gas drums, oil, gas & other luxury cargos
- Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Steep Paths
- Best physics Engine, hydraulics Brake and Boost Updates
- Exciting hilux jeeps like 4x4 Hummer, RangeRover
- Real time simulation, driving & truck Parking
- Best Real Transporter Cargo 3D
- Four Unique camera angles for driving pick up ( interior, cockpit, top, behind, sideways, rear )

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