Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Galaxy Live Wallpaper

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We tried to find a galaxy live wallpaper on Play Store that was able to represent with some degree of reliability the rotation and physics of galaxies in space. We have not found any! This app is unique on its kind because it is the only representation of a rotating galaxy with believable physics and a calming beauty at the same time. It will let you feel the deepness of space and being part of the symphony of Universe’s life. Galaxy live wallpaper has also a captivating space sound to completely satisfy you emotionally.
- 3D rotating galaxy with realistic physics
- A magic deep space sound effect
- Touch the galaxy to move it in a 3D space
- Different backgrounds
- 3D position and move of the galaxy as you wish

A wonderful vision of a 3D galaxy in space awaits you in this beautiful animated live wallpaper. You can touch the galaxy core and rotate the galaxy in 3D space. This live 3D galaxy wallpaper will let you contemplate the nebula, the stars and the planets of outer space. On Galaxy live 3d hd wallpaper you will see the stars flow in space around the center of gravity of the galaxy. Galaxy live wallpaper HD 3d moving comes also with some options like changing the galaxy background that better fit the spiral galaxy 3D moving. You can pick the right galaxy backgrounds or galaxy picture that is better suited for you as background of the spiral galaxy. Galaxy live wallpaper is the best choice for your galaxy theme. All the animated galaxy pictures of the universe live wallpaper will amaze you by dragging your soul into the space live wallpaper of your dreams. You can set galaxy live wallpaper hd 3d moving as a galaxy lock screen also. Live wallpaper of galaxy and stars is the only space live wallpaper that comes also with a deep space sound effect to help you sleep or just relax. Combining deep space sounds effects with the wonder of galaxy core live wallpaper will make you never forget the sensation of being in peace with the Universe. Yes, outer space sounds effects represent a true icing on the cake.
At the core of the galaxy, there is a black hole. We have made a true black hole animated wallpaper by adding the relativistic jets of the black hole at the center of the galaxy. You can optionally disable these jets and look directly to the spectacle of the black hole live wallpaper.
The calming universe with nebula, black holes, millions of stars and planets will relax your mind. Try galaxy 3D live wallpaper and search no more!

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