Bubble Tea Maker - Milk Tea Shop

Bubble Tea Maker - Milk Tea Shop

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Surprise! The ice dessert shop is open in the crazy carnival! Tap Drink is also known as pearl tea, batido tea, boba nai cha, zhen zhu nai cha, tapioca pearl drink, or any combination above. Every tea shop has different summer recipes, including different ingredients, like cow milk, milk, cream, ice cream, shaved ice, fresh fruit, syrup, flavored powders, soy milk, black tea, or green jasmine tea.So, maker games kids, wanna have a try in this cook drink game? Start getting the taste of flavored frosty bubble tale right now!

Teacup Game and Tea App Features:
1.Coffee tea has started out as a new trendy drink in the world. Now most shops are popping up in shopping mall, shopping center, and amusement park. Besides, as one of the famous cool drink, milk tea is also popular as carnival food, street food, fast food and fair food in the food game!
2.Now it’s time to make your sweet drink in cooking academy! Which flavor is your favorite? Original batidos or Lemon tea? It’s difficult to choose one sweet drink among so many types in cooking games for kids.
3.Kids food chef, first, let’s make a homemade original drink in the kitchen. Prepare your necessary kitchen utensils and food ingredients! Let’s DIY the sweet tap drink in the fun game for girls.
4. We need to boil milk and tea in the kitchen games! And it’s also fun to make bubbles to pop in the creamy bowl! Gameboy and gamegirl, you shouldn’t miss such a funny drink games.
5.You can’t believe it! The unicorn chef make ice desserts in the kids party! Look, they’re exciting in this game for kids. With cool stuff, like pudding, jelly and tapioca bubble, do you want to make one tea cup in the fun games for kids?
6.Wow, so many delicious food in the kids party! Milkshake, donuts, cupcakes, slushy, snow cone, unicorn cakes, ice pops … They make my mouth water in the cooking games free.
7.Fruits are also very important here. From strawberry to blueberry, there are lots of fruit flavors to make the fun drink. Make yummy flavor drinks you like in the girl game.
8.It’s so sweet! You can also add ice cream to decorate the tea drinks. Although it’s not an ice cream game, every kid like ice cream! Now you don’t need go to ice cream parlour or ice cream shop, in our shop, you can also taste delicious strawberry ice cream and helado with other flavors.
9.Wow! There is lemon tea! I like it! I love lemonade, but lemon tea looks different with the juice in the food making games. How are they different? DIY Lemon tea by yourself to find the answer in the girl games for free.
10. It’s cool to make lemon tea in the juice factory! The cute machines makes like that you’re in a amusement park. Now Children can make sweet lemon tea around a fantasy world. It’s so amazing! But it’s real in the kids games for girls.
11.Have you seen the shining decoration there? Rainbow bubbles, cute stickers, colorful sprinkles, sweet candies, glitter straws! So many trendy ornaments! Girls, you can design the best tea in the free girl games.

Little kids food chef, get this tea maker game for FREE and start your fun drink games now! Show your friends how fashion you will be as a creative tea maker in your cooking game for free! Download this ice drink shop game for girls TODAY!

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