Speed Bump Crash Challenge 2019

Speed Bump Crash Challenge 2019

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Get ready for some real car destruction and deformation!

Drive luxury cars over speed bumps and pass through reckless obstacles. Start your car engine and dash carefully through the challenging hurdles to avoid any car beam crash.

So get ready to take high-speed test over 500+ consecutive speed bumps and concrete barriers. Don't wreck car while driving fast on 100+ consecutive speed breakers. Avoid high speed crashes while hitting with walls or crushing obstacles. If you drive recklessly on these bumpy roads, your SUV will bounce and car accident may occur. The road spikes can cause high speed crashes on highway fury roads. The 4x4 destruction includes car beam damage and whole car parts will be burst into pieces.

In this car crash simulator game, you can also perform stunts and high jumps on 100+ speed breakers. The reverse speed bump is the destruction test against the car crash engine stability. You need to race the car at high speed and cross the hurdles to reach on the checkpoint within the time limit. So it's a stunt speed bumps crash challenge for real drivers who are eager for destruction madness test.

How long can you last on the crashy road? Dare to accept this impossible driving challenge by driving luxury sports vehicles through deadly track hurdles! It's like if you are driving through hell then keep driving.

Features of Speed Bump Crash Challenge 2019
- Can be played offline and it's Free!
- Realistic crash car simulation
- New car crash simulation game 2019
- Luxury sports cars and destructible vehicles
- Both challenging and endless car destruction modes

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