Jelly Temple Mania

Jelly Temple Mania

نسخه ۱.۰.۵
نصب فعال

Here comes the new amazing match 3 jelly candy link game.
Get ready to conquer a very sweet jelly temples kingdom.

Jelly Temple Mania its a delightful match 3 puzzle/casual game with refreshing goals, stunning boosters and huge amount of 400 fun and challenging levels.

Go to a delicious adventure journey and link between 3 or more colorful jelly jewels to splash them and create a beautiful jelly jam.
Achieve the aim of each level by overcome the unique obstacles, break cages, collect sugar blocks, pastry ingredients and candy items in order to get the required amount of stars and win the levels before you run out of moves.

Create a long jelly chain by connecting between 6 or more jelly diamonds of the same color in order to get a special flying flower bud which will highlight a random candy in the garden and will cause to an incredible blast of full line or row of items with high increase of your score .

As more stars you will get at the end of every level, you will earn more gold coins.
These gold coins will serve you in the boosters shop in order to be ready to play fun and hard.
Various collection of boosters like lightning strike, bomb fever and additional moves are available for you to help you to clear the whole temple quest before you run out of moves.

User's interface is very easy and friendly for all users of all ages.
Creative casual puzzle game-play that is easy to learn but challenging to master.

Jelly Temple Mania is completely free for download and play, and does not contain in-app purchases at all.

Enjoy from many hours of pleasure.

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