Princess & Girls Puzzles - Kids 👸🏻🤴🏻

Princess & Girls Puzzles - Kids 👸🏻🤴🏻

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Princess & Girls Puzzles - Kids 👸🏻🤴🏻 is a simple and fun puzzle game. It's ideal for you and your children because you all will train their brain, imagination and creativity while having fun.
It is an educational game for kids, because it has been demonstrated that resolving puzzles helps in the development of skills and abilities of children, such as motricity, creativity, spatial skills, language and self-esteem.

Besides, kids will train the resolution of problems, and they will get a funny picture as a reward, stimulating their imagination and self-confidence.

The application contains 60 excellent cartoon pictures of princesses with which your kids will be delighted.
In this puzzles game your child can find awesome pictures from famous fairy tales characters and wonderful princesses, as well as princes, mermaid, pony, unicorn and queens.

It´s a free game, consisting in moving the pieces to the correct square in order to assemble the picture.
After finishing a level, the score you got and a complete statistic with information about your best time, the number of movements, as well as your worst time and average value of all games played on this level will be showed.
Once you exit a game, the state of the puzzle will be automatically saved. So you can continue whenever you want.

This game is totally free and is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, German, French, Italy, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish and Dutch.

**The game works perfectly on tablets and mobile phones**

We, at Forqan Smart Tech, have always sought to provide the best for your children through applications designed, and directed each age group separately, our belief in the feature each evolutionary stage passes by your son, but in order to lend life skills and the mentality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, and to communicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.

DOWNLOAD now "Princess & Girls Puzzles - Kids 👸🏻🤴🏻" and enjoy learning with your kids!

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