Idle Cartoon City Empire:Miner,Supermarket,Farming

Idle Cartoon City Empire:Miner,Supermarket,Farming

نسخه ۱.۲۰
نصب فعال

Hay hou, hallo!

Do you like idle games? Here’s a classic builder for you! Build houses for your township. Tap, click, swipe and collect cash. Upgrade town buildings. Make your little city even more profitable than a gold mine.

Choose your investment tactics wisely, solve puzzles for real mayors. Don`t invest in bubbles, automate workflow, grow your money garden, make your pocket villa an RPG - a real play ground for a cool business wizard or witch.

All factories, farms, animals and pets make real big money for you even while you’re away. But all your pets and folks will be happy when you return to get your bonus.

At your disposal are dozens of scenery, cafes, restaurants, villas and homes. Build away all new buildings. Organize a playground for your citizens, make friends and residents happy. Grow your tiny village to a real megapolis mysteriously hidden in phone and get a lot of cash. Become a top manager in this simple cute tycoon simulator.

You can play offline or join our community and find new friends.You don’t need wifi to install the game.


Classic idle builder with houses and coins.
Endless gameplay.
Good art and animation in the memorable style of foranj games.
Play as much as you can, your town earns profit even when you’re AFK.
Played both online and offline!
Join the community of foranj fans.
Get free gems if you play our other games.

Start a personal music festival with good old stars in your town, increase profits. Become the mayor of the most pleasant city in the world.

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