Dinotes - Write Diary & Notes and Save Memories

Dinotes - Write Diary & Notes and Save Memories

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Not only helps to record your daily life, Dinotes is also an effective mental health support therapy.

Preserving your daily thoughts, feelings, activities and memories with this simple and interesting multipurpose journal writing app will help you:

🌀 Relieve stress, anxiety, and fall asleep much easier
🌀 Recognize the problem you are experiencing in a calm and clear-minded condition
🌀 Easy to achieve your goals

🔅 Choose the emotional status and outstanding activity for your day: You will easily recall that day when re-reading your notes
🔅 A monthly and weekly chart of emotions and activities which is created by automatic indicators: You will be able to keep track of whether you have been sad or happy lately in order to provide yourself an appropriate remedy
🔅 Simply note down your ideas and plans that pop up in your mind: Make your DiNotes be a planner notebook or a wishlist app by codifying your content with bullet and numbers, then add it to “Notes” or “Favourite”
🔅 Choose your favourite theme for the app’s display: Colors can show your personality clearly and you will be more interested in writing journals
🔅 Format your notes: Make your text bold, italic or change its color to create a unique and eye-catching content
🔅 Backup and restore your data easily when access the app to your Google account: You do not have to worry about losing your creations and memories
🔅 Set a password for your application to keep it private

Start improving your mental health right now by writing diaries and taking notes with Dinotes - Write Diary & Notes and Save Memories!

If you have any suggestions for the application or technical support requirements, please contact us at: phoenix.hieublack@gmail.com

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