Sonic Synthesizer

Sonic Synthesizer

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Sonic Synthesizer is an oscillator based synthesizer app. I is very responsive and dynamic - like a real instrument so you can play on your phone or tablet with your sound.
Variaty of sounds can be created and even changed real time while you are playing using the setting of the 3 oscillators of the syntesizer.

Marshall have made a phone for music lovers and players and it is great. So I have removed all ads for all Marshall phones.

Sonic Synthesizer features:
- 3 oscillators
- 3 wave form types for every oscillator
- volume, modulation, tone and detune for every oscillator
- envelope filters (attack sustain release)
- multitouch
- fast and usable piano keyboard

The synthesizer app is even more powerful than most analog synths.
You can now use your phone as a recording instrument for your new studio song record.
The app is new so if have any suggestions write them :)