Kaboom beat maker MPC - loops

Kaboom beat maker MPC - loops

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Kaboom beat maker mpc is a virtual drum machine and sequencer with lots of preload drum beats that will help all players to add drum beats to their music. Kaboom drum padscomes with high quality drum samples and great sound.

Every drum beat can have an intro and a loop-able part that will play until you stop it.
In the sequencer part you can create new drum beats or edit the existing ones and then save them on the device SD card. The drum beats are saved in a text files in a form very similar to that of a drum tabs so they can be read or even edited in any text editor app.
Kaboom beat maker mpc will let you adjust the BPM from 60 to 220 and that will change smoothly even while a drum beat is playing. You can select the tempo or just tap it like in a good metronome app.

Kaboom (mpc beat maker):

- 7 preloaded drum beats in various music styles
- Tempo settings from 60 to 220 bpm
- 4/4 and 3/4 metrics
- Sequencer with 5 tracks: kick drum, snare drum, ride, hi-hat, crush
- 2 to 3 levels of dynamics in the sequencer
- add / remove bar
- create new drum beat
- delete drum beat
- copy and paste bar
- smooth and nice user interface
- 3 drum kit sounds - rock, country and disco

App by FinestAndroid.com