- Spinner Blade Arena - Spinner Blade Arena

نسخه ۲.۰.۱۷
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The most addictive .io!

Unlock the top collection and pick up your favourite spinner! It's time for the fight.

The bey battle is on and it's tougher than ever. The faster you spin, the harder you hit.

How to play
Drag your favourite spinner to knock down all the other spinners out of the stadium. You have to eliminate all your opponents and survive until the end.

The last one standing wins the match. Can you survive the arena?

With every kill, you become stronger and bigger. Don't fall guys! Win the battle and relive the nostalgia.

Win the game and grab the crown! Ready to play?

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Disclaimer: This game is inspired by the beyblade series, but is not associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the series.

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