Code of lights - Laser Puzzle

Code of lights - Laser Puzzle

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Code of Lights is the mind-blowing and free puzzle game.
Sit back and become immersed into the physics puzzle genre with relax perfect music. Your goal is reflect, split, combine, paint, bend and mix rays of light energy to connect raycast with the crystals and shine them.
Start your path ranging from easy distractions to hard challenges. Intuitive gameplay. Move mirrors, reflect the laser, mix colors, avoid the bomb and hit all crystals!
Solve Code of Lights!

How to play 💡
Rotate and moves mirrors and devices to connect rays with all crystals. Easy to start but hard to master!

• Free - The game is 100% free for everyone, you can play the game without any payment.
• Various mirrors and devices for controlling the laser beam.
• Beautiful, simple, clean yet amazing looking UI.
• Friendly and intuitive gameplay.
• Unique system of laser beams intersections and mix colors.
• HD 3d graphic and lighting.
• colorful special effects.
• Accessible - The difficulty is designed for everyone. From easy start to special objectives are designed for veterans.
• No internet connection required. Play on every plane flight or on the subway.