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نسخه 2.5.4


تبدیل ارز!

ارزهای جهان، نرخ ارز، نمودار تبدیل ارز همگی در یک برنامه به طور رایگان.

تغییرات آخرین نسخه

- Fixed Bitcoin exchange rate
- Fixed Graph issue - thanks to all who reported!
- Improved layout for Samsung Galaxy S8
- Added Bengali translation
- Precious metals are now available again (there was an issue with the rates)
- Added Slovakian translation
- Belarus has a new currency (BYN)
- Added CLF (chilean special currency)
- Added Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)
- Minor bugfixes

Ad-free version available. Thank you for your support!


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