USB OTG checker

USB OTG checker

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USB OTG checker helps you to detect if your device supports the OTG functionality so that you can connect your USB drives to it.

USB on-the-go (OTG) is a feature that lets you connect your flash drive/thumb drives to your mobile device.

✓ Easily check your device supports otg in one click with usb otg checker

This is useful if you are not sure and want to use the usb otg checker to verify before you go and buy an otg adapter or a flash drive but your device ends up not supporting OTG which will be a waste of money.

This feature is very useful for transferring media files to and from your device. however, not all devices supports it.

It is not all phones that support it.

Use this simple app to check if its supported by your mobile device.

Warning: False positives might occur

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