GPS Route Finder

GPS Route Finder

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GPS Route Finder is helpful to find Shortest and easiest route between source and destination.

GPS Route Finder also shows time taken to travel between two points.

Route Finder:
It finds Fastest distance and time between two points in Driving ,Bicycling and Walking Mode.

Live Address:
It finds Liver address of Device, you can also share this address with friends and family.

Current Location:
This is helpful to find Current location of the device on Map. You can also share Latitude and longitude of your device with your friends and family.

Near By Places :
This is helpful to find Nearest places like ATM, Banks, Bars, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, pubs etc.

Address Finder:
Touch on Map to get address .You can touch any where on map to get address .you can also share this address.

GPS Route Finder - Location Tracker is a easy and Graphical based user interface.

GPS Tracker also helps ensure that the location of your mobile phone at all times.

GPS Route Finder is completely free to download and use.

How to Work:
Check the GPS and network is connected before you use this GPS tracking app in your Device.

Enable GPS : Enable GPS to work GPS Route Finder app properly.

Network Connection: Connect to Internet on your device to load Maps and track Addresses.

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