RS7 Super Car: Speed Drifter

RS7 Super Car: Speed Drifter

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Drive RS7 Super Car: Speed Drifter with Real Car Drifting Physics. In all over the world most car lovers wants the best models of luxury sports cars with realistic car physics. The wait is over Porsche Audi RS7 Super Car: Speed Drifter is the best car driving game with high quality super cars models including Volkswagen Golf, Honda NSX, Aston Martin Vanquish S, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Berlinetta F12 TRS, Mercedes - Benz C63 which can be purchased by in game coins. Enjoy Day & Night cycle with huge open world environment and perform speed drift in city.

Enjoy the city drifting simulator with Porsche Audi RS7 super car to improve your racing and drifting skills, earn virtual money for tuning and customizing your ultimate super car with bursting tires and flaming engines.

Porsche RS7 Super Car: Speed Drifter Features:

- Impossible Tracks with Storm Drifting Traffic
- Offroad Curvy Tracks for high powered Cars i.e Land Cruiser
- Crazy High Speed Super Cars with Realistic Physics
- Real Model Of Porsche Audi RS7 with Golf, Honda NSX, Aston S, Veyron, Berlinetta F12.
- All tuning options can be unlocked.
- Animation of the profound smoke while drifting
- Realistic City with lots of stunts for Car madness
- Considerable customization options to modify your own super Car
- Modify body color, rims model, rims color.
- Paint donuts burning tires and many more
- Classical Stunt and city car racing record
- Realistic Camera for Interior Car views
- Complete Drift Physics for Drifting Lovers.
- Accelerator and touch steering mode
- The Best Car Driving Simulator 2018
- Dynamic Traffic & Free mode

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