Stone Cutter Heavy Excavator Simulator 20

Stone Cutter Heavy Excavator Simulator 20

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Stone Cutter Heavy Excavator Simulator 3D

Stone Cutter Excavator Simulator is a challenging and fun game in which the player is required to cut the heavy stones and clear the path. Once you have cut the stone, the next task is to transport its parts to the unloading area.

This engaging excavator simulator game also requires you to rescue people who are in danger due to heavy stones blocking their way. It has seamless controls and offers smooth handling that makes this game easy to play.

A Fun & Challenging Game

The player is required to precisely cut the large stones in the given time frame. Each level is time based; hence, the player will have to complete the given challenge of cutting the heavy stones within the time. Failing to complete the challenge in the given team will make you lose the level.

Different Exciting Levels

There are different exciting levels in Stone Cutter Excavator Simulator that makes this game more engaging. Each level has its own set of challenges. Therefore, you are surely going to be hooked to this game for hours completing different levels.

Stone Cutter Excavator Simulator - Salient Features

Dynamic graphics and exciting sound effects for improved gameplay.

A variety of construction vehicles to choose from.

Fun and challenging missions.

Exceptionally appealing setting that gives a real-like feel due to quality animations.

Free to play.

Download this game now and have fun cutting the heavy stones with the excavator you are in charge of.

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