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NoCrop InstaPic - Instantly make your profile picture more attractive

NOCROP - Customized NoCrop Square Pic
NoCrop InstaPic is one of the most popular NoCrop Apps to create Square Pic, It lets you add Multiple kind of textures, colour and blurring effect for background, It’s allow you to create your photos into amazing square picture without crop your picture.

COLLAGE - Create Awesome Grid Layouts
NoCrop InstaPic has more than 150 grid layouts to create photo collage, It lets you customize photo collage layouts with simple touch gestures to resize, Edit images with Decent Real Time & Unique Filter Effects, adjustable borders and spaces between collages.

INSTA STORY - Create Customized Story and Status
NoCrop InstaPic has most interesting new features called Insta Story that lets you customize pic in amazing Social Story. It's comes with lots features like Add Caption Text , lots of Stickers, and Doodle on pic to make it awesome !

INSTA SHAPE - Create Beautiful Shapes Overlay
NoCrop InstaPic can make attractive pictures with the beautiful shapes overlay, Custom Texture and Simple Colors for Shapes Overlay to make them attractive. Apply decent real time filter effects to photo. For more better looking you can also apply opacity to shapes overlay to adjust transparency of Shapes Overlay.

★- - - - - MAIN FEATURES - - - - -★

Decent Real Time & Unique Filter Effects and Adjustments
NoCrop InstaPic provides powerful photo editing tool with lots of Decent Real Time & Unique Filter Effects to give your pic a unique look. it also has advanced Adjustments features that let users adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature and Exposure of pic in more easier way.

Add Text Font
NoCrop InstaPic provides various features to add customized text over pic, It lets you customize text properties like font, text-color and background-color to make it more attractive !

Decorate Picture with Awesome Stickers
NoCrop InstaPic has large collection of Stickers to decorate your pic, it's let you add amazing stickers form large collection of stickers pack for festivals and events !

Simple and Easy
Enjoy all cool features of NoCrop InstaPic with attractive design, easy user interface, faster and responsive in performance that make stands out among other Photo Editor apps of its kind. The beautiful designs and user experience will make you happy to editing your photos like an expert.

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*Disclaimer - Portrait images used by us for our application graphics is under free public domain used with no attributes required.

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