Fast Locker: Double Tap Lock Screen for U Launcher

Fast Locker: Double Tap Lock Screen for U Launcher

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Fast Locker is the easiest way to lock screen designed for U Launcher 3D. Simply double tap on the blank place and turn off your screen without using the power button! That’s it, easy, fast and super convenient! Just try it and turn off screen playfully!

1) How to use Fast Locker?
1. Install U Launcher 3D (if you haven’t yet)
2. Activate Device Administrator for Fast Locker
3. Launch U Launcher 3D and double tap on blank space
2) Where I can find the double tap to lock screen feature in U Launcher 3D?
1. Swipe up on U Launcher 3D home screen to open the settings page;
2. Go to Launcher Settings > Locker > Double tap to lock screen
3) Why do I need double tap to lock screen feature?
It’s faster, more convenient and playful. And if you are using the device with a big screen, it always not easy to press the power button. Fast Locker will make the way to lock screen faster and more convenient for you!
4) Why this feature released as a plugin?
A separate install need for better handle permissions, memory usage and app updates
5) In case you want to uninstall Fast Locker:
1. Go to Settings > Security > Dev.Admin.
2. Deselect Fast Locker
3. Now you can uninstall it

1. This app is a plugin designed for U Launcher 3D. To use it, please install U Launcher 3D first;
2. This app uses Device Administrator permission.

If Fast Locker brings you convenient, please give it 5 star rating! Your encouragement will motivate us to make more plugins for U Launcher 3D and provide you with even more new customization features!

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