Video call with Lionel Messi - fake chat

Video call with Lionel Messi - fake chat

نسخهٔ Messi V۷.۲۱۱۲
نصب فعال
۲۸ مگابایت
Video call with Lionel Messi - fake chat

Video call with Lionel Messi - fake chat

نسخهٔ Messi V۷.۲۱۱۲
نصب فعال
۲۸ مگابایت

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Add new fake Messi Lionel’s phone numbers, from 4 to 6
new ui with 2 option. 1st Messi Lionel message, wallpaper and video call, 2nd Video call with 3 iStyle FB’s Style, WA Style, Tele style.
Add new bts wallpaper.
Faster Loading chat when enter the chat or messages.
new schedule for video call, (now, 1 minute, 3, and 5 minutes )
Stimulate Fake call and fake text like real experience

Features fake call app
Simulate Fake caller id with full animation as the real phone call. Available for all Android devices ( update in android 11)
Free Messi Lionel real call prank in video and voice call.
All images are in the best quality feature.
This application contains high resolution Messi Lionel games.

New Features in Messi Lionel fake chat update
Simulate Fake as the real phone chat. Available for all Android devices.
Free Messi Lionel fake message like real chat
This application contains high resolution Messi Lionel new HD wallpaper.

Why to use Messi Lionel Fake Caller id?
You can create Fake Call and fool your friends.
Fake Video Call Prank is FREE fun for all and more real in this update.
Fake Call Prank does not require internet connection or data.

Why to use Fake text from Messi Lionel?
You can create Ryan’s world Fake Chat and fool your friends.
Fake chat Prank is free but its like real.
Fake chat Prank can make you say wow

Additional features in this Messi Lionel game :
adding new contact with new ui
voice call, video Messi Lionel with facebook, telegram, WhatsApp template.
new experience with simple new ui
adding new Messi Lionel wallpaper

Open the Messi Lionel call app
Chose Messi Lionel Contact with new phone number
Tap video call icon for calling your idols Messi Lionel
Wait until Messi Lionel answer your call

You Can Also Call Charli D’amelio Friends Like Luccas Neto videos, bts lyric call, and Addison Rae call, nastia esp fake call, Piper Rockelle Call real, and Also bts call prank.
Download Messi Lionel song call It's so cool and everyone has to get Face call time or live chat with Him.
Get and download this application right away for free. You will feel how close you are to your idol.

Open Messi Lionel minecraftshouse
Chose Contact or phone number
Wait until Messi Lionel and Ryan’s world Answer your messages

Cool right?
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