Toy Cube Crush - Tapping Games

Toy Cube Crush - Tapping Games

نسخه ۱.۰.۱۲
نصب فعال

Toy Cube Crush, the brand new cube-tapping game, is released now!
Tap the same color cubes to build various boosters and apply the magic props wisely to complete hundreds of amazing levels!
Think quickly, tap skillfully and explode the powerful and cute combos tactfully to get the shining stars!

** FREE to play
** SIMPLE but unique gameplay - tap the same color cubes to complete the goal
** ADVENTURE through levels with cute cubes, amazing animal-like and candy-like toys, colorful and magical boosters and various powerful combos
** COMPLETE levels and collect stars to win fabulous rewards!
** RICH reward from the spin daily
** EASY to play but challenging to master

Toy Cube Crush is completely free to play! Start to play the fun cube crush puzzle game with your friends now!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach us at

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