LED Lighting Colors - Edge Lighting Neon Colors

LED Lighting Colors - Edge Lighting Neon Colors

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Custom effect lighting with line, dot, heart, moon, sun and more around on your phone as led lighting always run light in backlit as mechanical keyboard.
Round Corner Color
Round Corner Radius
Round Corner Color Location : Top Left , Top right , Bottom Left , Bottom right
Multi Color for Lighting of the screen.
Set with or height, thickness for border light.
Set lighting color for corner Notch screen and Infinity O, Color infinity V, Infinity U, and customize.

b>S20 Lighting Live Wallpaper
Samsung Lighting Live WallpaperGalaxy Lighting Live Wallpaper

Ignore the boring phone screen and replace it with Lighting Live Wallpaper, Live wallpaper borders. Make your phone unique and different with lighting color effects

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💠 Features of Edge Lighting Color
- Lighting color options (single, blended, rainbow)
- Basic one-way animation, clockwise circular rotation animation
- Mask effect: S20 rounded corners
- Adjust your own style notch
- Adjust the size, speed, color of the border
- Customizable separately in main screen and lock screen

Color Lighting can be enabled/disabled.

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