Talking Dinosaur 2

Talking Dinosaur 2

نسخه ۲.۴
نصب فعال

Hello friends! Your favorite Dinosaur is back! If you enjoy playing with this reptile, then you will be amazed when you see what we have prepared for you. This new game is full of surprises, and you won't want to leave it when you see how many things you can do. At first, Dinosaur will be a baby, and you will have to feed him, change his diapers, and take care of him so he would grow up. Once he does, you will be able to do more things, such as changing his clothes and going to the gym. Very soon, this little guy will become your best friend, and there won't be a day when you won't talk to him and play with him. It's very interesting to hear talking animals repeating your words, so talk as much as you want and share this cool game with your friends. Don't worry, you won't have to spend money to use it, so hit that install button right away and download the latest 🦖Talking Dinosaur 2🦖 game for free!

◾ Say something and Dinosaur will repeat after you
◾ Play mini games, puzzles and more to earn coins
◾ Buy clothes for Dinosaur and change his house
◾ Unlock all of the rooms

Plenty of levels are waiting for you in the newest 🦖Talking Dinosaur 2🦖. In order to unlock all of them you will have to take care of your virtual friend. First thing that you need to do is to buy food for him, so go to the shop, and take as much as you can. You will need to spend money there, so if you want to make sure that your talking pet won't be hungry, earn money by playing mini games and playing with puzzles. Also, you will earn some coins by upgrading to the next level. Top 🦖Talking Dinosaur 2🦖 gives you a chance to change clothes of your favorite pet, so tap the button with clothes on it and it will take you to a wardrobe where you will find so many things! But, not all of them are available right away! You will have to reach certain levels in order to wear some of them, and all of them cost money.

Talking dinosaur games are good for children, because they will teach them to be responsible by taking care of a pet, and they will develop logic skills by playing with puzzles. Children will also be able to express their creativity with coloring books, and they will surely have a lot of fun by talking to a virtual pet and watching it act as a human. Talking Dinosaur will show you when he is hungry, when he needs to use toilet, take a shower, and other things. You will also be able to enjoy some music with your virtual friend, because he will play drums for you, and dance! Also, when he gets tired, he will show you that he wants to sleep, so take him to bed and wait for him to get some rest. A lot of fun is coming your way, so show the latest 🦖Talking Dinosaur 2🦖 to all of your friends and watch how they will dress this cool guy, and how they will equip his home. This top game offers a lot of different designs for kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, and you will never get bored of it, because it will entertain you for hours!

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