Blood Pressure Log: BP Tracker

Blood Pressure Log: BP Tracker

نسخهٔ 1.2.0
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دسته‌بندی Health & Fitness
حجم 50 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 February 8
Blood Pressure Log: BP Tracker

Blood Pressure Log: BP Tracker

نسخهٔ 1.2.0
Install +1 K
دسته‌بندی Health & Fitness
حجم 50 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 February 8
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Blood Pressure Log: BP Tracker helps you keep track of your blood pressure, and determine what areas need improvement. You can track your BP, record your daily blood pressure log, determine the blood pressure zone, and take blood pressure values over time. The app will help you understand what can influence your blood pressure, and give tips for maintaining healthy levels
This blood pressure tracker app is for people who want to take blood control of their health and start living a healthy lifestyle. Keep check blood pressure numbers, the great way is to write a blood pressure diary every day. You will see how your BP changes from day to day and that helps you see the connection between lifestyle habits, medication side effects, or if your numbers are within the normal range.

Why you should choose this blood pressure tracker app
✔ Useful, necessary for all ages
✔ Accurate and useful from the knowledge provided
✔ Fast data processing speed
✔ Easy to use, easy to understand
✔ Export and share results of bp health app with others

The main feature of this Blood Pressure Log app:
❤Record daily blood pressure diary
❤Fill in pulse and blood pressure information according to 3 values:
+Systolic (systolic blood pressure readings),
+Diastolic (diastolic blood pressure readings),
+Pulse (heart pressure checker) ​​with just 1 touch
❤Analyzing the data to interpret results
❤Find the high and low measurements of your blood pressure.
❤Use the blood pressure zones to observe changes over time or compare them from day to day.
❤Review everything that was entered and make quick edits or deletions.
❤Show the high blood pressure, lower blood pressure, and average blood pressure readings most recently entered into your device.
❤Broaden your knowledge about and understanding of blood pressure measurement
+ Explain the definition and causes of blood pressure, as well as its effects.
+ Prevention methods for diseases related to blood pressure and heart disease.
+ The material is well organized and written so that it's easy to read.
The Blood Pressure Log: BP Tracker provides users with a helpful, accurate way to monitor their own or others' blood pressure.
By tracking your application's state and taking notes on what you learn, you can recognize the health of users–and address problems before they become acute.
⚠ The blood pressure tracker application can only be used in medicine as a support device for writing down indicators and is incapable of measuring blood pressure.
⚠The tips we provide are for reference only
⚠ The bp health app does not replace professional medical equipment

If you have any requests or questions, please contact us via email: Hope you will always be happy and healthy with the Blood Pressure Log: BP Tracker. Thanks for using our bp health app!

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