Blockgames - Play Arcade games and earn rewards

Blockgames - Play Arcade games and earn rewards

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A note for our users:
Sometimes the transaction fails and your game does not start. We have added a fix where you can play the same game next time without paying any KIN.
If you played a game and the reward did not appear in your wallet, you can play the same game again, without paying any KIN.

Get 100 KIN as a welcome bonus and 100 KIN daily for using the app daily. So when you start, you get 200 KIN.

Play Arcade games and win prizes. We are adding new games regularly so keep checking the app for new fun games.

Once you start, you will never stop!

All our games are on blockchain and give you real tokens which are traded on major exchanges.

Blockgames is a suite of small and fun games.
Why should you play these games -
1. Have Fun
2. Earn rewards while playing
3. No purchase required
4. No pesky ads
5. New games every week.
6. Unlimited gameplay
7. Unlimited fun

We are adding more games regularly and we want to give a great game experience to you. Some of the games are for people who like tough challenges and some are for people who want to play it safe.
So no matter which category you are in, just get in, play, have fun and earn some rewards.