School and neighborhood craft maps

School and neighborhood craft maps

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School maps for MCPE contain a small, yet lovely, suburb which has everything it takes for comfort living: a school, a theater, green parks, and other venues typical for a well-developed bedroom district. Each of these maps is an amazing MCPE creation great for different activities including role plays. It is up to you to grow your school and neighborhood map into a big modern city by building new houses and other objects of infrastructure.

Our School and neighborhood MCPE maps are not official Minecraft Pocket Edition products, and they were not developed by the Mojang AB Company which is the registered holder of the Minecraft Game, the Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand, and other associated goods! We are not a part of the Mojang AB Company. All rights reserved. As declared in

There are many scenarios on how School Minecraft maps can be used. For instance, you can enjoy hide-and-seek or catch-up on these maps. You even can try to annoy your neighbor or arrange an epic tank battle here provided you have installed a special mod for that.

School MCPE maps are made in a flat world, which means that your construction may be somewhat limited.

You will appear in a dormitory district. The central road will lead you to a school or a theater (if you, certainly, want to get there because there are many other places to explore).

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