Chocolate Candy Bars Maker & Chewing Gum Games

Chocolate Candy Bars Maker & Chewing Gum Games

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Do you love Chocolate, Candy Bars, Gummy Candy, Ice Cream, & Desserts? Do you love cooking & making food, school lunch games, and other delicious Chocolate Candy Bars & Food!? Then you will LOVE Chocolate Candy Bars Maker 2 - Kids Dessert & Cooking Maker Games!

Now featuring Brand New Games: Chewing Gum Maker and Bubble Gum maker for 3 games in 1!

Make some of your favorite Chocolate Candy Bars from scratch! Chop up the ingredients, throw it into the pan & mix your delicious, melted chocolate!

Then pour the chocolate into the mold, and start pouring the nuts, caramel, & other ingredients over your bars, wafers & other delicious Chocolate Candy Bar creations!

Choose from a wide range of chocolate bars including delicious, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Wafer Bars, Nutty Caramel Bars, Chocolate Orange, and more!

Mix the ingredients, and let them chill and unwrap your delicious creation!

Chocolate Candy Bars is great fun for all ages, and includes a ton of toppings, candy bars, and other delicious sugary treats for endless hours of Dessert Making fun!

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