Phone Call Recorder

Phone Call Recorder

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Phone Call Recorder

Phone Call Recorder

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نسخهٔ ۱.۴.۰.۶
نصب +۱۰ هزار
دسته‌بندی شبکه‌های اجتماعی
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Phone Call Recorder is globally available for recording can auto-record any incoming and outgoing calls with clear HD quality. You can play and share recordings with any social application by using a callrecorder automatic. You can record all calls on autopilot mood with call recorder.
You are able to use the Easy Call Recorder offline and it works as an ACR call recorder truecaller for national as well as international calls. All Recorded calls are automatically stored in the inbox. In the call recorder app, the number of recording is limited only by your device’s memory
Auto Call Recorder features
1- Automatically record Phone calls recording:
2- Auto recorder by recmycalls for incoming and outgoing calls with phone call recorder.
3- Smart auto telephone voice recorder with Automatic Call Recorder.
4- Provide clear HD quality recording with call recorder getcalls.
5- You can play recorded calls at any time in the call recorder app with free recording calls.
6- Maintain a history of all recorded calls with phone recorder automatic call recorder.
7- You can search any recording from the list quickly with automatic call recorder app.
8- You can add any important call to your private list with phone call app and number book.
9- You can share, play, delete, and rename any recorded call file easily.
Private list:
1-Add all the numbers in the private list for recording their calls.
2- You can easily record all the calls from the given contact list with an ACR call recorder.
3- You can also add important call recording to private list.
4-With Easy Call Recorder2021, you can automatically record any unknown call and trap call.
Multiple formats for recording
1-ACR Easy Call Recorder supports all types of formats like AMR, WAV, AAC, and MP3.
2- You can easily record your’s as well as your opponent’s voice with a call recorder ACR.
< b> Accessibility Service API:
In Phone Call Recorder app, We need accessibility service permission to record audio calls for android 10 and 11.
This permission is necessary for App functionality to work properly.Phone Call Recorder app does not collect and share any personal or sensitive user data using the Accessibility Services API.
Sharing and managing recordings with Spam call blocker app
1-you can share your recordings with anyone with smart telephone recorder.
2- you can also get all the details of the caller from history with a Real-Time Caller ID.
Smart auto telephone Voice recorder and phone call recorder with showcaller
phone recording app free can record voice notes and memos as well and you can edit,record conversation, backup, share with spam call blocker app.
Add recording to the favorite list with Automatically record calls
You can make your favorite list of call recording.
Backup to the cloud with callapp
1- You can backup your recording of record incoming calls with WhatsApp Caller ID & spam block.
2- You can access your backup files and directly share them with anyone with ACR call recorder app.
App lock with showcaller:
1- With free call recorder set your file in a inbox private mood.
2- You can easily recover and saved your password with an ACR call recorder app.
Post-call action with callrecorder:
You can immediately play the recording with phone call recorder.
Other features of the Easy Call Recorder app :
1- Show caller data, caller id, callapp contacts with the help of Real-Time Caller ID call app.
2-Tap the mid-call to record only important conversion with callapp.
3- Smart speaker switching with a free call recording and callapp.
4- Save recording call file to SD card direct with true caller.
5- Secret call recording with phone caller and call app.
Phone Call Recorder and call app is safe for call recording.
We hope you like phone Call Recorder and phone call app Share it.
For any query about phone Call Recorder and call app, contact us at

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