USB POS Printer Boost (FoodZaps POS Only)

USB POS Printer Boost (FoodZaps POS Only)

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This will convert your USB POS Printer into a Network Printer. This means that all your devices can connect to it simultaneously. Sharing 1 USB Printer between multiple devices is a big advantage because normally it prints from only 1 connected device at a time. Likewise, you can also add more USB Printers on the same network.

We created this additional module to make your FoodZaps POS Solution (Point Of Sale System) experience even better!

Some advantages of how using this printer boost can help you with:
• More Reliable
• More Stable
• More Scalable
• Power Saving
• Easier to Setup
• Use Multiple Devices on 1 Printer
• Use Multiple Printers on 1 setup
• Easier to Investigate
• Fewer Jams & lost tickets
• Auto Detects your USB Printers
• Reprint Easily from History

Together with FoodZaps Point of Sales App, your experience is constantly enhanced.

You can download FoodZaps, the Leading Android POS Leader, and run your F&B business expertly and easily:

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