Extra volume booster - Sound Maximizer

Extra volume booster - Sound Maximizer

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Have you been bothered about too low sound volume?
Are you trying to find a volume controller widget among an assortment of loudspeakers?
Do you need a sound assistant?

Extra volume booster Maximizer, a max sound booster for android to make your phone louder, can be your best choice! No complex operations & no fees! All Free!
This app work in background it operates with various sound activities:
video calls, audio player, video player, audio books, cars and vehicles multimedia bluethoot and all bluethoot system.
enjoy watching videos & music play song mp3 with better sound quality hearing
doesn't require any extra download

Extra volume booster Maximizer will make your phone sound and overall sound stronger
You can freely customize the sound level to fit your requirements
This app also works with your headset, headphone and speaker
Practical for hard hearing people who suffer from hearing disorders.

Features: (Not only Volume Increaser ,enhancer)
- Max volume booster
-Bass booster effect
-Stereo surround sound effect
-Sound booster for music player
-Audio booster for all calls
-Equalizer sound booster
-User-friendly operation

Various roles of this Music Equalizer:
- Extra Volume Booster
-Music Booster
-Loud Speaker Booster
-Speaker Volume Booster
-Video Volume Booster
-Phone Volume Booster
-High Volume Music Player
-Equalizer & Bass Booster
-High Volume Speaker

Make any extra sound volume as you want: (Speaker Boost App)
- Loud Music player volume booster for headphones & external speaker
- Music equalizer boosts volume and ensures no distortion when increasing
- Bass booster expands system volume
- Tools control volume audio for many application
Extra volume booster Maximizer is a good sound increaser and enhancer for android not to be missed! No need to change any other speaker booster for android once you download this sound amplifier! Mind-boggling tech in this loudspeaker app can make all your sounds much clearer and stronger. System defaults can not restrict your music volume anymore! Not only a super loud volume booster but also a high sound music player, you can enjoy a louder music volume and a booster volume of the phone. Using this Super Volume Booster to increase volume for android is the best choice for you. Come and get your perfect Sound Booster for Android! Boost Volume right now!