Sports Kuhbanan v2

Sports Kuhbanan v2

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Sports news app Kuhbanan

You can look at news "Sports Kuhbanan" the latest sports news and news related to the sports department of Youth and Sports and the sports associations Kuhbanan see the city.

News "Sports Kuhbanan" free and democratic environment is the primary goal is to express their views, as well as view photos of sports people's performance Kuhbanan the city.

Some of the features of the software:
1-on software updates and get the latest headlines and news
2. Save the contents and the possibility of using offline mode
3. Automatic updates every 24 hours.
4. Use the built-in Download Manager
5 ways to customize updates
6. Remove or selection of content
7-map of the physical education department online

And dozens of other features. . .

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Bridges Sports Kuhbanan:

Contact: 03433492086

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