Rest Client - Test REST API with your phone

Rest Client - Test REST API with your phone

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Lightweight utility tool for developers to

• Test and analyze REST Api responses On-the-Go by sending HTTP/HTTPS requests with minimal customization.
• Send Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) downstream messages i.e. Push Notifications to your registered devices with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) endpoint support.

App Features :

• Whole Requests history to view and load requests from it.
• Save your Requests (REST or GCM/FCM) to Collections and load requests directly without writing it attributes again.
• autocompletion of headers and body attributes easily in rest client.
• Parses and displays the complete raw response from server including Headers, Response Code, Round Time etc.
• Supports both body types for POST requests i.e. Raw, KeyValue and file.
• Quickly let you customize Connection Timeout Settings in Rest client.

** Please review/support the effort if the app helps you at any point.
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