Antivirus: Virus Cleaner, Lock

Antivirus: Virus Cleaner, Lock

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Antivirus: Virus Cleaner, Lock

Antivirus: Virus Cleaner, Lock

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نسخهٔ ۱.۳.۳
نصب +۵ هزار
دسته‌بندی آموزش
حجم ۱۹ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۸ مرداد ۱۴۰۲
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Antivirus Master - Keep your android safe and secure. By using preeminent functions, Antivirus Master is the phone’s protector from malware and spyware for android and security master, and optimizer for android.

Amazing Functions of Antivirus Master:

📌 Clean virus from mobile out of my phone just one touch.
📌 Junk removal, which confused your phone’s memory.
📌 Intelligent and efficient app manager for android.
📌 Cooler for android help to reduce “hot situation” when using phone.
📌 Freephone storage by deleting apps.
📌 Phone booster speed up and cleaner.

The highlight functions of Antivirus 2021:

🚫🚫 Antivirus for Android Phone

Antivirus Master is equipped with the best antivirus cleaner - known as virus remover or virus scanner, thus, protects your phone in the realtime.

This virus removal for Android app can automatically detect and clean malware free, virus, trojan, and spyware, which is a dramatic phone booster.

♻️♻️ Intelligent Junk Cleaner for Android Phone

Being integrated with smart functions, Antivirus Master analyzes, deals with, and cleans up my phone in just one touch.

The highlight of this anti malware and spyware for android app is that this app can clean big files, clean useless files, scan files for virus and delete duplicate pictures, ... to optimize your phone.

The specific virus cleaner will free up space storage of social media platforms to speed up my phone as well as clean viruses out of my phone.

⏳⏳ Battery Saver

This app automatically closes unnecessary apps to save battery as well as lengthen battery life.

💼💼 Smart - Safe Your Phone

Antivirus Master is an app lock all apps, which is integrated with wifi security protection free, app lock fingerprint and app manager such as: uninstall apps on my phone, delete useless apps and lock your apps.

Besides, this clipboard manager android also provides a notification cleaner and notification block when playing games. You can use your phone with your comfort.

🌡🌡 Phone Cooler CPU Cool Down

The longer time you use your phone, the hotter it is. However, by using a CPU cooler, Antivirus Master will cool down your phone by closing applications that run in the background that consume a lot of power..

💹💹 Memory Booster for Android

Thanks to free RAM and clean master for android, this phone cleaner helps you to maximize memory, clean up my phone and become a speed booster.

Do you wanna speed up the game? Antivirus Master is your ideal choice. In modern analysis, this app can stop unnecessary memory, thus opening up blank space.

💯💯 Other Functions

The private browser will be totally protected, preventing hackers’ intervention.

Autonomically boosting phones can accelerate game speed, remove duplicate photos and browse web smoothly with this Antivirus app.

Antivirus Master is a security master mobile security and antivirus app, which protects your phone effectively. Please comment and rate us for more development!

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