Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

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From cute and cuddly sounds to the frightening roars and howls, Animal sounds will introduce you with the magic of unspoiled nature inhabited by various animal species that make the most fascinating noises. This is the app that will help you reconnect with the nature and make you feel like you're somewhere outdoors surrounded with different animals.

- All the sounds are preloaded in the app and free to use, no additional download is needed;
- We use only high quality sounds to bring you the best sound experience;
- You may use the app just for listening to the sounds but you may also set the sound as ringtone, notification, alarm sound or assign to a specific contact;
- Our designers are focused on user experience in order to bring you the most intuitive and easy to use apps;

Animal Sounds is a perfect app for teaching the names of the animals and the sounds that they produce. If there’s no zoo nearby, this app will help recreate the feeling of visiting the zoo. You’ll have tons of fun listening to the zoo sounds, trying to guess what sound belongs to which animal. Bird, lion, dog, wolf, frog, elephant, donkey, tiger, chimpanzee, sheep and much more... choose their favorite animal sound!

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