English Pronunciation - Text to speech, Homophones

English Pronunciation - Text to speech, Homophones

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Start improving your English pronunciation now with easy to learn lessons. And practice those lessons with Text to Speech! Also, learn about Homophones on the way!
Not just this but you can make your phone pronounce any words to you with builtin AI-powered Text to Speech technology?
You must be wondering why Text to speech is doing in an "English Pronunciation" app?
Well, if you got any text that you want this app to pronounce it to you then "Text to Speech" comes handy

This app teaches you from very basics like how the words sound, what are homophones, and trains you all the way to pronouncing English phrases as native would. 😎

What does this app contain?
Text to Speech 💻 ⏩ 🔊
Along with English Pronunciation, the top feature this app has is AI-powered Text to Speech that can speak any word for you as a native or professional teacher would. Just select any word from any app and select speak, English Pronunciation would be there for you to perform the text to speech

Do you know what Homophones are? Two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings! Yes, and this app contains up to 100 Homophones which are pronounced in two different accents!
Homophones play a very important role in English Pronunciation, one should be aware of the difference between 'Aloud and Allowed' when pronounced.
That's exactly where the Homophones section of this app comes handy!

English Pronunciation lessons to learn from
There are @! English Pronunciation lessons that teach you how to start English pronunciation from complete basics like how to pronounce a single word. How the word "E" should sound. How the long "A" should be pronounced and much more.

Pronounce Words 🇼
The app contains a Word Practicing section to teach you English Pronunciation. First, the app speaks the word with Text to speech, and then it is your turn. You have to speak the same word and the app would listen.
Best Part? The app would tell you how accurate you pronounced a word. Giving you a real insight into your progress

This section contains words that are used in everyday life.

Pronounce Sentences
After Word Pronunciation, what comes next in English Pronunciation app is the Sentences section.
Here the app speaks a complete sentence. Like "Hi How are you?" using text to speech technology and then you have to repeat it and the app would listen.
Then the app would tell you if you pronounce correctly or not. If correct then what was the accuracy and if not correct then which word was not pronounced correctly?
Aren't you convinced yet to download English Pronunciation app? Okay, let me tell you more!

Test English Pronunciation
Not like the previous lessons, here you can actually test your pronunciation against any word or phrase.
- Just enter the English word or phrase
- HitTest your Pronunciation
- Speak that word
- The app will listen and inform you how accurately you pronounced it!

Daily English pronunciation Lesson
After downloading the app, you will be getting one lesson daily right in the app. That lesson is app-exclusive that would really help you pronounce English correctly.

Still, Reading?
Go ahead and smash that Download button and start learning English, Homophones and words pronunciation with Text to Speech

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