Glowing Clock Locker - Blue

Glowing Clock Locker - Blue

نسخه ۵۰.۵
نصب فعال

Glowing Clock Locker is an beautifully made analog clock which glows on your screen and you can unlock it by using your desired Pass code.
Glowing Clock Locker (blue) is blue colored version of glowing clock.
Glowing clock Locker is simple useful application.
Glowing clock Locker screen lock helps you to lock screen lock and show data and time on screen on the top.
Glowing Clock is just like your night mode clock.
Unlock your screen with slide to unlock feature and enter your pin code to make your phone secure.

You can Also see beautiful digital clock on the top of screen with time.

You can also Enable and Disable new Glowing Clock (Analog Clock) screen lock as a Default screen lock.
Slide to Unlock and enter the pass code you have set.
Attractive glowing clock hands moving animation in real time.
Beautiful Glowing Clock screen lock is nice app with beautiful and high definition graphics.

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