Car Parking & Ship Simulation - Drive Simulator

Car Parking & Ship Simulation - Drive Simulator

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The driver whose driving and sailing skills]]]ji are perfect that to transport cars to another location safely and timely...

Experience your driving skills with this exciting car parking simulator where you have to park cars in a ship cargo at first and second ship simulation where you have to transport these cars by sailing a ship to targeted location on a specific route.

One of your customer who is car & truck dealer ask you to pick his cars from two separate locations in USA that are Los Angeles and San Francisco and transport them to his showroom in Mexico ... Deal is confirmed.
There are Toyota, Honda and other cars which are to be drive carefully to shipyard's cargo ... and then further destination towards Mexico. In he deal it is clearly mentioned that cars should be driven carefully and should be delivered scratch-less... So you have to be very careful in driving cars on roads of USA ... the delivery should be made in-time.

As the car simulation mode is over - now its time for ship game simulation mode that you have to sail the ship with the cars to the customer's destination which is Mexico ... please be on route track so that no time is wasted and car delivery can be made in time.

Have fun playing Car Parking Simulator & Ship Simulator all in one in this exciting game and please make sure to share it with your friends and to send us your feedback!

- This is free ship and car driving simulator
- Advertising appears in this game

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