Laser Bounce

Laser Bounce

نسخه ۱.۲۱
نصب فعال
۵۷ مگابایت

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معرفی برنامه

Move and rotate pieces to get the laser to hit the goal. Colored lasers, gates, and activators add additional challenge to this relatively simple concept. Can you complete all of the levels?

Customize the background, tile pattern, and laser bounce sound to make the game look and sound how you want it too! (completely free once you complete the required amount of levels)

There aren't 100s of levels like most puzzle games, but the puzzles that are there will hopefully put up a good challenge! Also, new levels are actively being added.

There is a banner ad at the top and an interstitial ad every 5 minutes (but never during a level). There is a single in-app purchase allowing you to remove all ads.