Wisdom: The World of Emotions

Wisdom: The World of Emotions

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Wisdom: The World of Emotions

Wisdom: The World of Emotions

Better Kids Ltd
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Wisdom has helped thousands of kids ages 4-8 better manage their emotions and relationships. Support your child’s social and emotional development with this award-winning Social Emotional Learning educational game that includes new features such as Augmented Reality mindful breathing games for home and school! Access free content now!


Your child will embark on a fun journey with Wisdom, the game’s main character, to help the kingdom’s citizens better manage their emotions.

In the Activities Area, your child will start by playing interactive educational games and learn foundational skills like identifying and labeling emotions. With each game, they will earn superpowers, which are calming strategies they can use in their daily lives.

Your child can then use those superpowers in the Adventure Area, to teach coping skills to the citizens. As they succeed, new games and new worlds will unlock to help your child learn more complex skills like resolving conflicts, building positive relationships, and making responsible decisions.

To further practice their new skills, our educational app offers hands-on activities, meditations, and beautiful printables that foster skills like gratitude, problem-solving and empathy. You and your child can even respond to in-app questions and create a beautifully customized book that tells the story of your child as they learn about the world of emotions.

Your child will be able to:
• focus better, with Augmented Reality breathing and mindfulness games
• identify emotions and feelings
• express their feelings with words
• resolve conflicts effectively
• regulate their emotions
• make responsible decisions


Wisdom is effective with all students ages 4-8, including students with special needs, gifted and talented. A Randomized Control Trial demonstrated significant improvement on children's feelings regulation.

Wisdom supports all children to develop a strong emotional foundation. Ad-free, COPPA, FERPA, GDPR compliant.


A fun adaptive social emotional learning game, Wisdom focuses on CASEL's five core competencies: self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management. Access 300+ SEL teaching resources developed by early learning education experts, including lesson plans, printable worksheets, ready-to-use slides, and hands-on activities. Develop your students' social emotional skills and support their mental health with the only evidence-based social emotional learning program that combines digital & hands-on play with 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Choose your lesson plan and theme of the day
Step 2. Let your students play one of Wisdom’s educational games for 10-min on their device, including Augmented Reality mindful breathing games
Step 3. Lead a 20-min hands-on activity where your students practice the skills learned

For school-wide licenses, visit: https://betterkids.education/schools

Contact joy@betterkids.education or call +1-888-258-73-58

Teacher and Kid Approved

“I loved playing the games. You can help the angry person in the game with a superpower to help them feel happy again.” Hadrien Gallagher, 1st grader

“Augmented Reality is so much fun, I loved the glitter jar! It helped me feel calmer.” Mia Brunswick, 2nd grader

“Some students abruptly do things - they storm out and slam doors. Wisdom helped them recognize the triggers and identify that an emotion was happening. It gave them the words to describe it.” Ms. Walker, Mental Health Counselor

"While we use many educational resources with our students, Wisdom was the one they engaged the most with. Talking when they are angry when they are not angry was very beneficial. We planned for how they could react next time." Ms. Thapa, Special Education Support Teacher

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