Big Bang Zombies

Big Bang Zombies

نسخه ۲۰
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۴۲ مگابایت

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In Big Bang Zombies, you are the last survivor of the city, you are the new Sheriff, the zombies have destroyed everything, armed with a revolver and with your faithful friend Cooper you will fight waves of increasingly deadly zombies and evil villain bosses, you can not hesitate a second before pulling the trigger, it could be the last chance you get to shoot.

You'll end up devoured by vultures?

It's time to draw your weapon, take a deep breath and prove that not everything is lost!

Thrilling gameplay!
Complete all the Sheriff tasks.
Use power-ups to survive to the hell that awaits you
Kill all the villain bosses
Save all the hostages

The time has come, take your weapon and prepare for war.


Big Bang Zombies has been carefully developed by Smile Lab Games for Android devices.