App Lock

App Lock

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App lock protection is a professional AppLock for the highest level of security and privacy guard
App Protector (App Lock), use the mobile phone of the wallpaper in the lock screen.
App lock protection app, to protect the security and privacy of personal data of your mobile phone
If you check the gallery in the app lock app, unless the owner of the phone, no one can see the photos.
App lock, others will prevent that you run the app
To protect the privacy.
You can lock: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery, Camera and any apps you choose.

When you use the app lock, someone can use the app must enter the password for the lock screen when you run the smartphone application.
If you have not set the Lock Time is, when you run again the application was run once in 3-4 seconds, it does not have the lock screen is displayed

App security locks support Android6.0 marshmallows version.

* Lock protect your personal information
- Gallery from other people, messages, and sensitive application protection
* App lock
- You can choose whether you want to lock all the apps.
* Password lock screen
- Use a mobile phone wallpaper to password lock screen.
* Customize the app lock setting
- Change the application lock setting, if necessary
* Lock time setting
- When you run in to set the execution apps time again, it does not have the lock screen is displayed
* Password support locking system

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